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"Today and Every Day I choose healing for my HEART, MIND, BODY & SPIRIT"

 ~Carly Marie


Acupuncture is a holistic medicine that stems from China dating back over 3,ooo years. Acupuncture delivers a variety of health benefits by using the body's natural energy systems to create balance and harmony. The energy or Qi is accessed through the acupuncture points that are needled. Establishing balance prevents and reduces dis-ease in the body.  Dis-ease can manifest physically, emotionally(mentally), or spiritually. Acupuncture is a natural and effective method for creating health and wellness. 


Magdalena (DiZebba) Newhardt attended Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) where she studied J.R. Worsley 5 Element Acupuncture as well as 8 Principle, a subset of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture. In her practice she combines these two styles to heal body symptoms and the root cause while nurturing the patient’s 5 Element constitution to create health on the body mind and spirit level.  

"If the body is sick the mind worries and the spirit grieves; if the mind is sick the body and the spirit will suffer from its confusion; if the spirit is sick there will be no will to care for the body or mind." J.R. Worsley

Chinese Medicine


5 Element Acupuncture






"For a long time I've been curious about the true effects and nature of what I thought was only a practice of human pin cushioning. Miss Magdalena DiZebba, with the utmost patience and careful persistence, invited me to explore the not-so-mysterious treatment and see for myself what Eastern medicine can do. Now heading into my 6th consecutive month of treatment, I feel my mind, body, and heart experiencing a balance I've never known before. Not only am I able to better manage my anxiety, but also have addressed things I never thought to correlate with acupuncture. My food cravings and sleep schedule have vastly improved. And most surprisingly, as I was advised might happen, is my self-awareness to my own emotions and natural and new avoidance to old habits and relationships that aren't beneficial or good in my life. It's like I've been tuned in to my inner self and organs. I've learned to better meditate and keep myself engaged in the present which is a constant battle for me. Acupuncture is now a part of my life and I am an advocate to others in hopes of them experiencing the level of benefits Miss DiZebba has shown me". ~Sheri

"My experiences with acupuncture and with my practitioner, Magdalena DiZebba, have been nothing short of phenomenal. This was my first experience with non-Western medicine and I found myself not only intrigued, but truly amazed at some of the results. For example, one of my primary concerns and reasons behind seeking treatment was my high levels of anxiety that often presented themselves as panic attacks. After several treatments, these attacks completely stopped and haven't returned since! She was also very informative with her treatment plans and what pathways and organs we would be focusing on. I honestly can't speak highly enough of the treatment and care I received thus far". ~ Devlyn

"I decided I would try acupuncture for multiple reasons, I enjoy trying new things especially if it's to better my health. At my first appointment I met with Magdalena who asked a bunch of questions about my health and what I would like to achieve with acupuncture, she was very sweet and listened to every concern I had. I don't remember what the focus was for my first time but it was awesome! After that I came back multiple times, a couple a them were for a badly sprained ankle. Since then I tell everyone how beneficial acupuncture is and that they should try it". ~Lauren

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